2018-19 update

“As you go into all the world, preach openly
the wonderful news of the gospel to the entire human race! ”

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Vineyard Church Missions
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Metamorphic does many things, but at the core of all they do is church planting. Vineyard has partnered with Lindsey Clarke and Metamorphic since the beginning, during which time over 6000 people have been trained and released to plant churches in countries throughout the world. Some of these include: Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, Kenya, Congo, Burundi, other African nations and many more!


Over the last 24 years, Vineyard has partnered with Ps Paulus and Mercy Indonesia in the planting of over 200 underground churches per year, throughout Indonesia. Paulus and his team have a heart for the people of Indonesia, to see their lives transformed by the power of Jesus, despite the spiritual resistance they face each day. Mercy Indonesia also care for orphaned children, helping to raise them with a knowledge of their Heavenly Father’s love, as well as meeting their daily needs.


Continuing on from the work of Max Wiltshire, his son Brett, and his family have carried on teaching and training both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people to plant churches in Aboriginal communities all over Australia. These churches are transforming lives, and causing a great change within communities and we are so blessed to be partnering with themin this.

Ps Murray Newman

Through Encounter Life Ministries, Ps Murray Newman connects with and relates to seasoned, transitioning and new senior leaders, on a regular basis. The mentoring of senior leaders is a strong focus, as well as gathering and facilitating wider relationships to connect rising senior leaders. Ps Murray also uses his prophetic gifting to minister to churches in Australia and around the world.


Phill and Eleanor Sampson are dear friends of our House and consider Vineyard to be their home, even though they are based in Bali, to be close to their ministry field of India and South East Asia. Their healing and evangelism crusades throughout these regions are setting people free from generational bondage and physical ailments. They are utterly transforming lives through the powerful name of Jesus.


Vineyard has been partnering and supporting Paul and his ministry, Asia Harvest, since the early days. Paul has written many books about his experiences and prints Bibles in Asian languages to make the Word accessible to all. Asia Harvest, through our support, also funds Asian Evangelists to spread the Word to communities along the historic Silk Road, which is a life line to that region of the world.

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